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It’s that time of the year again… We’ve gained a moment to record in History too!


If you take the usual time you wake up, say, I don’t know, like 6 or 7am, for a weekday? Well you can pretty much just stick a “pm” on the end of those times rather than the usual “am” because that’s waking up time for me!

Honestly it’s astonishing how quickly you can mess up your sleeping pattern, when you no longer have anything that important to do. Sure, yeah, I have to go to work, but I’m a bartender, that’s evening work anyway! Well,  9 times out of ten it is. Sometimes I start earlier in the day.

I’ve always preferred to work in the evening and through to the middle of the night, because well… That’s just what I do, I like doing that! ASAPScience did a video on this!

It’s an interesting watch!


A congratulations is in order as America’s Supreme Court has ruled that homosexual couples can marry NATIONWIDE and not just in individual states! WOO! They can be just as miserable as the rest of us!

I joke, of course. This is a huge step in the right direction, and the many, many countries that are still denying homosexual couples this right to marry, need to follow suit. Sooner rather than later. This is the kind of world people need to be living in! One that is accepting of new concepts, and new ideas.  The world needs to be far more open minded than it is today. The reason I think it should be more open minded is because people are happier when people can accept them for who they are, and what they choose to do. You’re a girl that like dressing up as an alien from Planet Zorp, great good for you! You carry on, don’t let anyone get you down! You’re a guy that likes watching Rom-Coms while eating ice cream while upset, hell man, you carry on, if that is making you feel better then I’m not one to stop you, you go right ahead, man I hope you feel better soon.

Of course, there are some limitation to just how quirky and unique you can be, and before some of you go off on one and start the whole “You can’t stop people being who they are” and that kind of rubbish, here’s why there are certain limitations:

Some aspects of life require a certain level of caution and this can, and usually does, include some kind of restriction on behaviour and also some form of safety clothing. Now you MUST adhere to these rules and guidelines because if you don’t… Well there’s a strong chance you’ll seriously injure yourself, or someone else, or kill yourself or someone else. Now, if you want to be stupid, and ignore these rules and guidelines, then that’s down to you, just don’t be around anyone else when you’re being moronic. It’s one thing to alter your own life, or end it, in such a stupid way, and another to include someone else. It’s not cool to include someone else.

Other instances require a level of professionalism so no, you can’t go up to a guest/customer and say “Sup mate! ‘Ow ya doin’?” because the level of respect in those sentences is so low you’ll never get a scale low enough to measure it. “Yes Sir/Ma’am” is how you address guests/customers, or “Yes Miss” instead of “Ma’am”. BECAUSE IT’S RESPECTFUL!

|| Quick Note: The level of respect that people my age show to those older and/or younger, and to their peers is absolutely disgraceful. I hate meeting people around 16-21 because they’re just so disrespectful of other people, and other people’s stuff. I’m no angel, I’ll admit, but damn. My dad needs a huge pat on the back for how I’ve turned out, I am nowhere near as bad as some, they’re on a whole new level! || 

As I’ve stated above there are some instances where you can’t express yourself to quite the extent you’d like to, but there are good reasons for this! In a professional environment what you’re actually doing is representing someone’s source of income, or your own source of income, and by being a total ********, people will decide not to come back, and therefore that business loses those customers and hence the money they might have spent there.

However, all that being said, your sexuality and who you want to marry is one of those things that should not be controlled by someone else. If you want to marry a man, go right ahead! If you want to marry a woman, go ahead! I cannot believe Governments were ever stopping you in the first place! It’s madness. While I’m aware that’s how people thought back in the days of old, but it’s not how many, and by many I mean an awful lot of, people think today. So I ask again; why were they stopping you in the first place?

Marry who you want, and live a long and happy life. That’s how it should be.

That’s how I hope more and more countries will begin to think like. We’re all human, and we all deserve the right to marry whatever we want to.

Congratulations America! You’ve just made approximately 10.8 million people just that little bit happier.

Also, maybe now we can stop calling it gay marriage, and start calling it…Drum roll please…. Marriage! After all, that’s what it is, and the people participating in a “gay marriage” are people, and people get married. So please, “Sam and Jack had a lovely wedding”, not “a lovely gay wedding”. Also, “Louise and Charlotte had a really romantic wedding”, not “Louise and Charlotte had a romantic gay wedding”

Thank you, and goodnight!


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