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“Black Roses: The Killing of Sophie Lancaster”

Guess what I’ve just finished watching? Yup, you guessed it, “Black Roses: The Killing of Sophie Lancaster”.

Let me tell you something about that film, that is incredibly uncomfortable to watch, and I’ll tell you why. The reason I find it so uncomfortable to watch is because of the one question that goes around my head throughout the entire film. Now, I knew what happened to Sophie Lancaster before I watched the film, so this particular question was there for the entirety of the film. I would imagine it would come about for those of you who are unfamiliar with Sophie’s story, once you’d heard a little about Sophie.

This question is simply; “Why?”. Why was she killed? Why did they do the things they did to her? Why? 

Okay, the answers to that question is “Because she was a goth” or “Because she is different”. But they are NOT answers! They are NOT excuses! They are pathetic!

Sophie and her boyfriend, Rob, were attacked because they were “different”. WHY? WHAT DOES THAT ACHIEVE? We live in the 21st Century! Not the Dark Ages where you can take someone’s life just because you feel like it! NO!

Sophie Lancaster, was by all accounts a strong independent 20 year old woman, who could’ve been so much, she could’ve done so much! She was very much against how farm animals are treated when they’re taken from the farm to be put in front of us at meal times. She was a vegetarian! A pacifist.

While I realise I get this information from interviews with people that knew her… Can they all be wrong? Yes, everyone that knew her is going to be somewhat bias when describing her, but they are all the same!

I am so angry that this happened, even now. Eight years after the event. It should never have happened!

Just because they were different. Please, your head might be a different shape to mine, doesn’t mean I’m going to kick it in. Your favourite food is pizza? Well mine isn’t, guess that means I should kick you to death. NO! Everyone has different likes and dislikes and EVERYONE should respect that. They should encourage that, and they should help to protect peoples right to express their own individual likes and dislikes.

I cannot, just cannot, believe something like this has even happened.

I watched that film, and it made me squirm, which is a feat in itself. I am not easily phased. But that question, going around and around in my head; “Why?”. There is no reason for that to have happened!

Why can’t people accept others for who they are, and what they are?

I am not humanity’s greatest advocate, not at all, and no, I don’t like many people, and maybe I don’t give some people the chances they deserve. But I will never kick the living daylights out of another individual because of how he/she has chosen to dress. That is disgusting. We are all here for 75/80s on average, why can’t we just look out for each other while we here? How hard is that of a concept to grasp? HOW HARD?

You don’t even have to look at anyone that dresses in such a way that it may offend you. If that’s how you are, well then I’m sorry but you’re an asshat. You really need to re-evaluate your life because nothing how somebody dresses should be so offensive to you that you feel the need to beat them to such an extent that they lose their life.

You do not have the right, you do not have the right to decide whether or not their choice of attire is worthy of a death sentence. I’ll say it again for the people at the back YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO MAKE THAT DECISION. 

This kind of thing makes me so angry, it is a hate crime after all, and yet they are not treated as severely as they should be! However Sylvia Lancaster has been working tirelessly with her charity “The Sophie Lancaster Foundation” to change this. Maybe one day all of Sylvia Lancaster’s efforts will pay off to such an extent that all assaults, thefts, etc, etc that are the result of somebody simply not liking the way someone is, or how they dress, will be treated as harshly as the victim was during the crime.

I wear my S.O.P.H.I.E wristband all day, everyday in support of the Foundation. In the hopes that the money I paid for it will go towards helping putting an end to such awful crimes against those of an alternative lifestyle.

My wristband, that I never take off.

My wristband, that I never take off.

It’s an awful, awful thing to do to someone, just because of what they like, or how they are. It’s an awful, awful things to do to their families, who are PROUD of who, and what they are.

You can find the Sophie Lancaster Foundation here:


I urge you to read their aims, they do some incredible work.

I hope Sophie’s legacy is one that’ll last for generation and generations to come. It’s something can all learn from.

We all need to accept people for who they are, what they are, and how they choose to be.

People and all different, but they are are still people regardless of their interests, background, sexual orientation or whatever else you can think.

Rest in peace Sophie, and keep up the good work Sylvia Lancaster.

To everyone else? Take it from someone who’s not great with people, so it must mean something for me to say… Look after the people that are here on Earth. We’ve all got a limited time here, and it’s not always as enjoyable as it could be, so just look after each other.


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