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How to sum up University, very simply.

It kicks ass. In every sense of that phrase.

Let me elaborate, at university you will meet some amazing people and get up to some incredible antics, and they’ll kick ass!

You will also however, find that your lectures, to begin with, will also kick ass. Your ass. Now this isn’t as bad as it sounds though. If you just get your act together and power through the studying and the lecturers, making sure you’re all up-to-date, all the time, you’ll be O.K. The ass kicking will still continue, but it won’t hurt as much.

But also with those friends, that kick ass, you’ll have a blast, making every penny worth it. I think… Anyway, with those friends you’ll get up to all kinds of stuff. It’s great. For me one of these great instances was handcuffing a friend to a chair, and then lifting him into a trolley and then chaining him in the bathroom. All that was before anyone had had anything to drink.

They may also assign you a new name. A nickname. Some people are rather unfortunate and get horrible nicknames that people call them and sadly they just grow to ignore it’s connotations and answer to it anyway. This seemingly only happens to those who do something remarkably stupid however, so as long as you don’t do anything remarkably stupid during Freshers, I reckon you’ll be alright! I got the name “Beep” and to be fair, I love it. I think it’s brilliant. All because my new found friends didn’t believe me when I said the scan in reader things beeped. By the time they realised I was right the name stuck, and like I said I love it. In fact it occasionally takes me a little while to answer to my actual name.

After those realisations Uni is more or less studying during the day and then killing off all those brains cells by night. As you’re learning so much and using so many brain cells for that activity and then killing loads at night, it balances out? I don’t know. I do Astrophysics not brain biology. Although a girl I know, Chloe, might be able to answer that for me. I’ll ask her next week.

She baked cupcakes for my birthday. They were brilliant, she is the most excellent baker.

Kick Ass Opportunities:

You’ll also get some awesome opportunities at Uni too. Such as studying abroad, learning new languages (I’ve recently signed up to learn Russian! They offer free spaces to learn a language here, so I’ve yet to see if I got one of the spaces, but I did sign up!) and to try out new things. There’s a kayaking society here that I may join yet. So if I do that, that’ll be a new experience. Also playing Mario Kart Double Dash for like 48 hours was a new experience for me too. Amazing fun though, can’t knock it!

Also random feelings of “I should be naked right now”, although not a new experience but the fact that it’s so accepted at Uni is new to me. It’s great.

Now for the Maths you can’t argue with:

I also think to “sum up” University, I think every penny you will have to pay back afterwards? I think it’s worth it. For me, that is. There’s been a few people that have dropped out and disappeared over night, so I guess they didn’t feel like it was worth it. Check out the maths, it checks out:

Tutition Fee + Maintenance Loan + 3 Years = Worth it.

 Trust me. I do Physics. I can maths. This equation does make one assumption though, that as a Physics person I must point out; it assumes that you have researched your course and are O.K with every aspect of each year of it. But if you’ve done that, it should work every time.

Last bit…

University is something I think everyone should consider. It’s not for everyone obviously and nobody can make you go, but do consider it!

Beep is out!


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