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You’re allowed your bad days.

Everybody gets them. Whoever says they don’t is lying. Whoever says they have them all the time, every single day, is also lying. Sure you can have a long streak of bad days, but that doesn’t mean all days will be bad. There will be good days, and if by any chance some of you reading this don’t believe that, well, come back to this on on of those good days, and read this:

I told you so

– amillennialsmind (31/05/15)

Some days are just the worst, and the next two days might also be just the worst. But hey, just think, at the end of whatever it is getting you down you can say “I did that…I did that!” then you can go and kick more butt!

What if it’s really bleak?

Don’t want to hear it. Don’t care. Nothing is so bleak that you can’t come out of the end of it, and still carry on as you intended. Absolutely nothing. You need to set yourself a goal, and be realistic. Don’t set a goal of playing rugby on the moon with Jeff Goldblum, or something like that that’s equally as stupid. Set yourself a goal, and head for it, don’t stop. Just go for it. Before you know it, you’ll have achieved that goal, and you’ll have a positive you can attribute to yourself. No one can take that from you. That, is such a good feeling.

Just need time?

Also fine! Go and grab your significant other, your friend with benefits, a film, your teddy bear, a homeless man whatever you need, grab it/them and just chill out with them. Take as long as you need. Just so long as you get your head together, and then get straight back to it when you feel better! Don’t get into the habit of moping around and feeling sorry for yourself however!

Look after yourself!

You are singly the best and only thing to help through the bad days, look after yourself!

Someday everything will fit right into place for you!

Sleep well!