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This needs to be talked about, this is important.

“I think that you cannot just talk of a defeat for Christian principles, but of a defeat for humanity”

– Cardinal Pietro Parolin

“DEFEAT FOR HUMANITY”?! Are you aware of the actual definition of “Humanity” is, Mr Parolin? Are you? Because I don’t think you are. I’ll tell you anyway, just in case you don’t know (I’m 90% sure you don’t already know). Google has the definition of ‘Humanity’ as follows:
humanity definitionSee that last one? See it? AND can you see the synonyms? One of them is “Tolerance”, in case you can’t see it.

Why is the recent vote results of Ireland’s gay marriage referendum a “Defeat for humanity”? Is it because it goes against what you believe to be the correct way to live a life? Well, let me tell you something, allowing gay marriage in Ireland was  VOTED for by  nearly 62% of the voters in Ireland. Nearly 62%! That’s winning by a margin of nearly 11%! That’s not a small margin, a lot of people voted in favour of this new legislation to legalise gay marriage. Dude this is huge step forward in getting people all of the rights that they deserve. Everybody should welcome and celebrate this fact. Everyone.

Gays are contributing members of society, so they deserve this right!

While yes, I agree, there are some homosexuals that are horrible people, absolutely horrible people. Some serial killers have been known to kill to fulfil their disturbing homosexual desires. Yes, these homosexuals, not really the people we want in society. But let me tell you something else! THERE ARE MORE HETEROSEXUAL SERIAL KILLERS THAN HOMOSEXUAL SERIAL KILLERS. There are a lot of homosexuals that do a lot of good in society, and society would be missing something without them. I can give you a list of homosexual people who actively,and/or positively contributed to society. Here goes…

  1. Alan Carr
    While I’m not a fan of him myself, he does bring laughter to thousands, if not millions of people. He is an entertainer, and for those who are fans of him, he is priceless. They’ll never again find another Alan Carr if he was to disappear.
  2.  Tim Cook
    He is currently the CEO of Apple Inc. Whether you are a fan of Apple products or not, you cannot deny that they help expand and improve the technologies that we have today, making everyone’s lives just that little bit simpler by having all their devices connected. Taken a picture? Save it to both your phone and your laptop.
  3. Freddie Mercury
    Before you say it, yes I know. Freddie Mercury is no longer with us. But how does that take away from the fact that he is the reason some people have some unforgettable memories? Or that he and his band Queen created some of the best timeless rock tracks? Tracks still enjoyed by heterosexuals and homosexuals alike, all over the world. Queen is one of the best-selling bands of all time, a lot of their best tracks feature Freddie Mercury’s vocals.
  4. Sir Ian McKellen
    Fantastic actor. Gandalf and/or Magneto couldn’t be played by anyone else. It just wouldn’t be the same, and no one will be able to replace him!

Do I need to continue?

The point I’m trying to make is that not all homosexual people are evil, and need to be shoved out of mind. Most (By that I mean, nearly all of them) are just people like me, like my neighbours, like the girl who sits next to me in Chemistry and like the guy in the Co-op that gave me that chocolate bar, free, because he couldn’t be bothered to scan it through to the till.

Even those in your religion are realising that you can’t keep denying people rights, because they’re different.

The Archbishop of Dublin, who is, incidentally, one of Ireland most senior Catholic officials, has stated that the church needs a “Reality check”. Times are changing, people are changing, opinions are changing. Mr Parolin, you are living in an outdated world, and you need to leave it and join an increasing number of people, religious and otherwise, in this new and more tolerant world. It’ll do you good to stop hating on specific groups of people. It really will.

Mr Parolin, your religious leader, Pope Francis, himself, said in 2013:

“If someone is gay and seeks the Lord with good will, who am I to judge?”

If you Religious leader is for accepting the homosexual community into the Church, then why can’t you do the same? It won’t harm anyone.

I’ll tell you what will harm people…

You, spreading such hate about the gay community! Teens that haven’t yet come out, are terrified a lot of the time to do so! Because people like you, who are unfortunately very influential, are spreading such disgusting things about them. There’s nothing wrong with them! It’s not a choice, before you, or anyone else for that matter comes out with that old excuse. Do you think they’d choose to enter into a life of bullying and torment? No, they wouldn’t. I certainly wouldn’t want to do that.

Did you know that 30% of completed teenage suicides are because the victim is unsure of his/her sexual orientation or because they were bullied because they’re young men who find men attractive, or because they are young women who find other women attractive?

No. I don’t think you did. You just spread this hate without first thinking of the consequences. That, that is disgusting.

Your words won’t just harm teens/young adults, but fully grown adults too!

I just… Ugh, why is it so difficult to accept the LGBT community?

There’s nothing wrong with them. Nothing at all. They are people too, and you should start seeing them as such. They deserve the right to marry as much as heterosexual couples. You’re worried about it ruining the whole family unit ideology, why? What’s wrong with two dads, or two mums? Personally I don’t see how this is could be a bad thing. Stop living in your Medieval world Mr Parolin, and join us here in the 21st Century, the date is now the 28/05/15, and I’m sure it’s going to be a fine day for everyone fortunate enough to wake up into it.

I just like to say…

The LGBT community is just as important as anyone else, and they deserve to be treated as such. I hope that many, many countries follow in Ireland footsteps.

Equality is what “This” is, and it does need to be talked about, because it is important.

Have a nice day!