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Can We Talk About This?

Well… Where should I start? I know, I’ll start with last night. I went out in Town with my friends and we got a lot drunk. Not only a few drunk, a lot drunk. One of my friends was kicked out of Pier (A nightclub) and I quizzed him this morning as to why…

I don’t even remember pier lol

                                                                                   – Cam (03-02-16)

That answers my question then really.


Anyway, onto what we all should really be talking about more. I got on the bus about a week ago and man it started filling up fast (Driver skipped stops as a result, kind of full). A girl got on and she was using crutches and had some sort of cast around her leg and she then proceeded to stand… stand… on the opposite side of the gangway to me and I thought the one of the three people sat by her would offer up their seats so she could sit down (As my seat would be a bit awkward to get to for her) and not one of them offered their seats up for this girl. Not one. Scrubs. So I offered up my seat and helped her to it so she could sit down and not risk further injury by attempting to stand.

I ran this incident past my father, Father Beep, and he thinks it’s all to do with the state of public transport, or more that public transport in many places is insufficient and so people have got an attitude sort of like “I paid for this, I’m going to keep it”, rather than actually doing a decent thing and letting someone who, for the time being, is not as mobile or steady on their feet as they were and will be. It’s madness, I had no issue getting up and offering the girl my seat, and I, myself, am not as steady on my feet as I’d like to be due to a leg injury of my own. Which further proves my point, I would give up a seat, despite my own instabilities so that someone who is clearly more in need of the seat could sit down. Now, I’m not saying that those three people near her weren’t in need of those seats themselves for some unseen disability, but I struggle to believe all three who were, to an onlooker, young healthy students have an unseen disability. Although not out of the realms of possibility I guess.

Another thing I’d like to mention

I think people shout loudly when things don’t go the way they want it but shy away from any opportunity to change it. I don’t think people realise how big of an impact they could and can have if they just stood up and said “Hey man, that’s not cool, pack that in”. There’s a lot people should be standing up against. A lot.

I feel like people should be getting behind some seriously important issues. Issues which in some cases effect everyone, and I mean everyone. All, what is it now? 7.4 billion people? All of us. Things like getting a hold on Global Warming, Nuclear disarmament. We have no need for nuclear weapons, like who thought they would be a good idea to keep around. Keeping operational warheads is a joke! “Oh here’s an idea, let’s keep this warhead that can literally kill 70000 people in mere seconds” We can kill enough people with the regular rockets and guns we have at the moment. There’s no need to start just mass killings. It makes no sense to keep them too, I’m fairly sure there’s conventions (Ratified by many world powers) that state that while you may go to war you cannot cause unnecessary suffering to civilians caught up in the war, or for that matter the combatants. A nuclear warhead is non-discriminatory, it’ll blow up, burn, irradiate whatever the hell is in its way. No questions asked. To me that’s the very definition of unnecessary suffering.

Scientific exploits need more attention and support also. This stuff literally saves your life. Literally. Scientific fields, certainly exploratory ones, are grossly underfunded. If people were to get up from in front of their TV (which they’re only doing to find something to complain about it seems now)  and started getting behind the notion for more funding for the exploratory sciences, imagine… Just imagine what we could uncover. What we could solve. Who we could help as a result.

Hell, it might even benefit the whole of humanity rather than a select few! Who wouldn’t want that? I’m not humanity’s greatest advocate however, I’ve said it before, we’ve got to live together for roughly 70-80 years, so why not make it the best experience we can?

Even if you can’t directly help, start spreading the word of whatever notion takes you fancy. It could be the link that gets it seen by those who can truly give it some momentum.

Stand up and be counted.

On another note

My brother turns 18 in little over a week, which should be cool. We’re going quadbiking. It does mean I’m going to be at home for that weekend though, so I’ll miss seeing the new Deadpool movie with my friends here at University. Also my friend Cams girlfriend is going to be down (Or up I suppose) that weekend and everyone’s met her but me, and they speak so highly of her and I’m a little annoyed I won’t get to meet her. Hey-ho, another time. I just have to listen to another few days of my friends praising Cam and his girlfriend, and how cute they are together.

In about a week both my parents children (Of which I make up 50%, in case you hadn’t realised) will be adults and as Father Beep would say “You’re an adult now, so if you die it’s your fault and not mine now”. He’s not wrong.